Poem: March twenty-second

hey you!
hey yeah – you there now
lookie what is this shit?
that you’ve gone and smeared
across this space in between
where we used to intersect
and intermingle interspersed
with body heat and friction
this garden of me and you
in full blooming glory

don’t you remember what
it is that pulled us here
into this unity of duality?
why’d you have to go make it
soiled and dirty and sordid?

don’t it mean nothing to you?
look inside and see how you bleed
in the same places I seep blood
here in the hole that was us.

reach inside and find memories
of laughter fully intertwined
with the sweet salt feel of skin
nestled safely in the cocoon of us.

dig around rediscover the need
and the desire and the truth that
we are greater than seven wonders
we are so much more than history
come on show me the sparkle that
makes me wildly alive with intent

and I’ll remind you that it only hurts
because that means I matter and you
matter even more…

come on honey – let’s be alive…

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