Poem: March twenty-sixth

these moments that slip between us
dribbling down into the cracks
where we refuse to look any deeper

those moment linger there in confusion
unable to rise up and sing of glory
or really of anything at all

moments lost to forever irretrievable
time spun down; uncherished by choice
precious heartbeats and breaths gone

if I had had courage to ask your name
would you have told me your story unfolding?
Or would you have continued as you are?

In other worlds and other dreams undreamt
did we pause in wonder at our potential
and slip into charmed quantum embrace?

1 thought on “Poem: March twenty-sixth

  1. Last two lines are perfect. What if we slowed down, paused and made the different choice?
    Dribbling down the cracks– yep exactly what it feels like. I really liked this one, Mr Merlin.


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