Poem: Kissing

(For National Poetry Month I am writing a stream-of-conscious poem per day. Each poem is  a spontaneous poem single edit – could get messy!  Here is Poem #13.)

have you ever noticed how
the edges between us blur
when we are in the same room?

I gently ghost into you
feel your corporeal void
pulling me deep down inside.

here in the space where we merge
all boundaries are broken
fusing naked souls and cells.

how do we manage to breathe
when our mouths are locked like this
so I begin where you end?

the spice of you floods my tongue
with the taste of my yearning
to find your hidden flavours.

there is in this convergence
no thought of civility
we are merely animals

our bodies leaking oceans
the intensity of us
comes to shuddering closure,

seeping primordial ooze
we gasping like dying fish
flop reluctantly apart…

2 thoughts on “Poem: Kissing

    1. Sometimes the words flow and sometimes not so much. This one was ended up with a good form even of part way through my allegory morphed from ghosts to oceans. It was a longer write than 20 minutes as I had no closing verse. And maybe still I don’t! Thanks so much for reading and visiting! I’ve been busy with life and only posting to my blog and not reading others. I am overdue to see what you have written in the last 6 months or so…


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