Poem: Not Titled

(For National Poetry Month I am writing a stream-of-conscious poem per day. Each poem is  a spontaneous poem single edit – could get messy!  Here is Poem #25.)

there are not enough letters,
in the entire alphabet,
to hold the essence of you.

no mere vocalization
of air can hope to capture
the complexity of you.

words are sounds that hold meaning
only to those that have learned
to hold these meanings inside.

I tried to etch poetry
distilled from my memory
of your skin resting on mine.

in the end all that remained
was a trail of flaking ink
scattering in the dank air.

fragile letters lifting off
the bleached carcasses of trees
one faint phoneme at a time.

rising high in the moonlight;
trailing behind faint whispers
drifting away on the wind.


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