Poem: Zebra

(For National Poetry Month I am writing a stream-of-conscious poem per day. Each poem is  a spontaneous poem single edit – could get messy!  Here is Poem #29.)

Black and white and red all over
failed joke of the last millennia
repeated ad nauseam ad infinitum
for a blonde laugh or two

never works and never did
yet somehow I rinse and repeat
expecting a different result
because it is a new set of breasts

you look at me as if I am odd
truth is I am odder than the odyssey
and you are no Penelope worthy of
my devotion and absolute dedication

why do you think somehow that
because we have intermeshing biology
that longs to co-mingle for an evening
that I would abdicate my independence?

You are beyond desirable
yet I will not forfeit my thoughts
just because I want what lingers
between your sweet sweet thighs

Don’t seem so shocked by these words
better men than I have declined
the treasures that you offer me –
you are no more special than I

Change your stripes into reality
and find that black and white reality
is so much more plainly unappealing
than the bland contorted grayness of me.


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