Haiku: Ichthyophobia

pond churning with life
koi poke bubbles at the sky;
Scales give me goosebumps.


(For May I am writing a Haiku per day. The Theme Challenge Alphabet Soup of A-Z; With the Sunday Letter repeated Monday. Here is Haiku #11 – and late at that!)


5 thoughts on “Haiku: Ichthyophobia

      1. Good stuff! Your mucking is definitely of a much higher quality then the crap I’ve been excreting these past few years. This close to deleting it all and taking tree climbing instead…


      2. Lee Roy Fuckwit is one of my favourite creations. South Carolina NASCAR driver, redneck par excellence, my alter ego, the one I know is there but possess.
        But there is a softer, better bit of him. A friend challenged me to put him head to head with my other alter ego, Miss B. I had just four days of blogging to reach a resolution. https://nobodysreadingme.wordpress.com/2014/02/11/as-astonishing-as-it-may-seem-this-went-live-exactly-a-year-ago-miss-bs-travelogue-day-1/


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