Poem: Wishing

Too hot to sleep.
We crawled out the window
to sit on the rooftop.
in the warm summer breeze.

In spite of the heat
we leaned in skin on skin
talking of hopes and dreams
star-light caught in our eyes

I bent to kiss you,
and you teased me laughing,
“not unless the stars fall..”
then you gasped in surprise.

As a hundred
stars rained from the night sky.
Stirring awake wishes
we hadn’t realized.

Pulling me down,
you embraced destiny,
said “careful what you wish.”
We yielded to desire.

Too hot to sleep;
we stayed on the rooftop
giving shape to longing;
setting the stars on fire.

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Computer jockey with a graphite pencil merlinspielen.com I enjoy random email: merlinspielen at gmail dot com


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