Poem: Impact

the writer of words
can never tell
the reader of words
what she must think;

the writer of words
can only explain
that imagined essence
of he himself
and not the ripples
he leaves
seeping behind
carelessly marking
his passing…


6 responses

    1. I once had an intense conversation with someone on the topic of values. Only to realize they thought a certain word meant one specific thing. And I had no idea that meaning existed.


    1. Thank you. This was inspired by a deep comment by a reader on a poem I had written. I basically responded ‘fascinating insight as I thought I was writing about the mess after breakfast’. And she apologized for misreading my poem.

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  1. True, but maybe what makes a writer is the innate ability of empathy to create a narrative that can be lived through not by himself but by many others.


    1. I am not sure empathy is required to for a writer to create a compelling narrative. There is certainly a connection forged between the reader and the story. Hmm. Can a narrative have empathy when the writer does not? Some sociopaths have the ability to manipulate others.


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