Poem: Nothing

you dangerously ask me
“what are you thinking?”

I simply reply
scowling red lines
split your lips as
you spit pointed words
“liar! what
are you really thinking?”

And I say softly
“really – nothing.”
you flail your arms
your frustration spilling,
“why won’t you tell me!”

I take your hands
pull you close
“I did tell you.
I am thinking:
of nothing
and the hunger:
of nothing.
I am thinking
of naked
raw nothing.

I am hungry for
your nothing
and the feeling
of nothing
the delirious heat
of nothing
I am thinking how
it would feel to fill
your nothing with me…”

Our mouths meet
feed on nothing
set flame to nothing
until we tumble
igniting naked
sweet something
from nothing.

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Computer jockey with a graphite pencil merlinspielen.com I enjoy random email: merlinspielen at gmail dot com


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