Poem: December Fifth

candle burning burning bright
save me from my fears tonight
so I wish with all my might
keep me safe by your warm light

blackbeard, whitebeard no beard now
think I thought I saw a cow
leaping back across that bough
why and when and where and how?

flicker flutter in the wind
tell me please are you my friend?
once I had one way back when
they were there and gone again…

there are ghosts on my ceiling
see right there where it’s peeling
corners dark now concealing
listen now – hear their squealing

I think you’ll hear the sunrise
as the starlight starts to die
it’s unwise to open our eyes
before daylight’s touched the skies

candle burning burning bright
saved me from my fears at night
out out now brief gentle light
morning has restored my sight.

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Computer jockey with a graphite pencil merlinspielen.com I enjoy random email: merlinspielen at gmail dot com

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