Poem: December Twelfth

Twelve days zipped past;
Twelve days ahead;
it moves so fast,
I’m losing my head.

just spinning round,
while standing still.
I’m falling down,
losing my will.

Twelve days moving;
Twelve hours to use;
feel it looming;
I’m gonna lose.

stutter stumble,
just can’t hang in;
keep up this rhythm,
stick with the pace…
it’s all
sliding away,
day at a time,
hours going by,
bye bye,
buy buying…
if only;
I could
fly flee fly.
I crumple;
I crumble;
and lie lay lie,
to myself.
say so singing:

“it’s alright
it’s okay…”
and no it’s not
oh sweet shit it’s not…

Twelve days on the brink,
christmas crisis,
no time to think.
don’t dare to blink.
or you’ll miss the
best deal of the year.

And then. OH yes then,
there will be hell to pay.

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