Poem: Mangled

would you care for another
cup of something sweetly hot
leaving tea stains on the linens
etching magical motifs like so many
words carelessly strewn across a page
openly dripping unattended omens

strawberry jam gone wrong on toast
bisecting lost whole wheat crumbs
tangled amid astride askew detritus

what was; what is; what never shall be
interminably intermingled
within between me and you as we
hopefully strip away pronouns
from each memorable mimeograph
we’ve never even unveiled to ourselves

while the waters still boiling; still roiling
would you care for another?

3 thoughts on “Poem: Mangled

    • It spilled out all of sudden. Worked oddly well in spite of the mixing of imagery. Still a few rough edges that need a good thrashing. Made me feel better about the futility of finding that creative spark. Thank you for the kindness of your comment!


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