Poem: 2017-11-04

It is National Novel Writing month – and well I don’t write Novels but I do try to write novel poetry. One a day for November!

Happy birthday Father
I wonder where you are
now above the world so high
your ashes below since you died

We each grow older and fade
yet another iota each and every day

Why did you go?
Why did you leave?
Even though dementia,
had shattered;
and scattered your story,
long before you died;
having you here,
having you near,
made me feel alive.

We each grow older and fade
yet another sunrise each and every day

I don’t want to go
even if it’s my turn.
There’s so much left to do
so many words left unsaid
so many yesterdays to keep alive…

Happy Birthday Father,
today I toast your memory
to remember when we both were young.

We each grow older and fade
yet another sunset to end a lonely day.

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