Poem: 2017-11-06

I had a fortune given to me;
locked out of sight by lock and key.
Kept it hidden from prying eyes,
then I saw you and realized:
I could seduce you as my prize.
Dazzle you with jewels and a lie
Chain you up with gold, hear your sighs;
Give you to much wine, spread your thighs;
There’s no way that you’d dare deny,
you’d have no choice but to comply;
as I do what I fantasize!

It would be so sweet, such a high,
until you decided to say good-bye
because you’d see the kind of guy
that I really am deep inside
and you’d be gone flying fleeing
you’d be gone before we even kissed…

Who do I think I am fooling?
There is no I way could succeed,
So fortune will remain unshared,
and we will simply nod in passing.

Good day,
good night,
good bye forever.

It is National Novel Writing month – and well I don’t write Novels but I do try to write novel poetry. One a day for November!

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