Poem: February 4th

morning happens
quicker than we dreamed
sending us scurrying to be
where we toil to fulfill obligations

noontime circles
high around hunger
finding us needing to choose
between sustenance and deadlines

end of work day
checking off to-dos
turning my mind where I’d rather
gather in leisure lingering with you

evening slips
away before we
preoccupied with duty
realize how little we have shared

nighttime we
here in this darkness
laying naked each next to each
simply caressing so we know we’re alive

here then now
we ignite our passions
unleashing reveling in what
we have kept hidden from others

midnight finds
us entangled in sleep
dreaming again of ourselves
enraptured by need and no want.

It is a February challenge to myself – to write novel poetry: One-a-day.

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