Ramble: Let In; Let Be; Let Out.

Down we forgot as up we grew.

But babies know. They really do.

Babies have it all figured out. Life is simple.

Life at its most basic life is this:
Eat; Rest; Excrete.
Take in; Ponder; Release.
Let in; Let be; Let go.

It is just that simple.
Now breathe! Inhale; Hold; Exhale

Of course the more we grow, the more able we become.
And the more we are distracted by the wonders of living and being alive. Squirrel. And in our distracted mix of emotional turmoil we forget the essence of being:

Let in;
Let be;
Let go.


2 responses

  1. let in let be let go….so *&^% hard, eh? Simple and very thought provoking… well conveyed as usual 🙂


    1. Thank ya. You, as always, are most kind.


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