Computer Vision Syndrome: How to minimize the symptoms

Waterloo Region PWAC

It’s a situation many writers know well. You’re in the writing zone and the words the flow easily. Hours later, you look up from your screen. Your article’s done and the sense of accomplishment feels amazing.

Your eyes? Not so much.

The muscles around your eye sockets feel stiff and sore. Your temples are throbbing. And someone seems to have lined your eyelids with sandpaper.

Welcome to the not-so-wonderful world of Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS), a condition that affects up to 75% of people (like freelance writers!) who spend their work life staring at a screen.

CVS can cause tired and dry eyes, blurry vision, headaches, light sensitivity and even nausea. But while long hours at the computer are sometimes part of the freelance writer’s lifestyle, CVS doesn’t have to be. Here are some tips to help keep your eyes happy.

Reduce glare

When it comes to comfortable computer work…

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