Poem: 21April

(For National Poetry Month I write a daily stream-of-conscious poem. Spontaneous single edit – it will be ugly! Poem #21.)

easter sunrise obscured by cloud
we stumble through the gray light
searching for hidden meaning and treats

easter rabbit droppings wrapped in foil
chocolate both dark and bittersweet

do you remember how we fought
to claim the hollow rooster as our prize?
somehow thinking it was grander
and would last longer than solid rabbit

you being bigger won by size
leaving me crying at the loss
no matter how father tried to
explain the rabbit weighed more
it simply wasn’t enough

broken eggshells on the floor
coloured rainbow fragments every where
Sulphur smell of eggs out too long
in the springtime sunshine

belly aches from too much
sugar and laughter
heart aches from too much of
being the same in different ways

every year arises the same
humans repeating rituals

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