English: A small whirlpool in a pond

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

no matter how stable
no matter how calm
somehow you manage
to turn it all wrong

one moment we’re laughing
the next moment you’re gone
leaving me to wonder
where I really belong

I don’t need the turmoil
of a daily crisis du jour
where the sad end result
is this same tired song

no matter how crazy
no matter how odd
somehow you expect
I’ll just go along

Well here’s a surprise
for you to enjoy
I’m done with the battles
I’m sounding the gong

I’m escaping your vortex
that is keeping me down.

5 thoughts on “Vortex

  1. Overall, a lovely poem but I must admit what caught my eye was the title. I have a sort of liking for that word. Is it weird that I like/dislike certain words more than others? Perhaps it is, but oh well 😀


    • The poem happened because the word “vortex” caught my eye…so the title happened and the rest followed. The poem is actually kinda nice considering I wrote it straight from brain to page with no real edits in about 15 minutes. And based simply on the fact I liked the word: vortex 🙂
      So not at all weird that words have that effect on us. Each word generates its own vortex to suck us in – or spin us out…


      • Haha! “To suck us in – or spin us out”. And I do agree, it is really good for a “15-minute-without-edit” poem.


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