Ramble: 30-Days of Books #12

I love books. I love words.

I am doing the 30-day book challenge to get some conversations started about books. Please do join in with a comment on your own books – or a link to your own post!

Day 12 and the next prompt is:

Name a book you really enjoyed and you don’t like to admit

It could be by a writer you usually avoid (Orson Scott Card) because of the bizarrely stupid things he says.
Or maybe it is from a genre you think should be avoided (Harlequins) but you are bored at the cottage and discover there is a little spice between those bland pages. Not that that happened.

Okay a set of books that I love and rarely tell anyone I still read are the James Herriot books.
I was given the first one as a birthday gift, and it is old fashioned simple, and wholesome, story-telling. Based largely on his real-life experiences as a veterinarian and delivered with wit and good humor.
The author – real life veterinarian James Alfred Wight – wrote under the pseudonym James Herriot.
I also watched the BBC series. Shhh.
The first book came out in 1970 and was called: If Only They Could Talk
It was more of a collection of short stories loosely connected together.

I think I received my copy in about 1976 or so – and by then 5 books were out and had become best sellers…


Shall we have a conversation?

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