Ramble: 30-Days of Books #16

I love books. I love words.

I am doing the 30-day book challenge to get some conversations started about books. Please do join in with a comment on your own books – or a link to your own post!

Day 16 and the next prompt is:

Name your favourite male character and a book they appear in.

I thought this would be easy. Favourite male character in a book is whatshisname.

And that didn’t happen. My first instinct was to name the Cat in the Hat as my favourite. Tormenter of fish and children. Enabler of spontaneity and chaos. And he speaks in rhyme all the time seemed kinda fine if you don’t mind…

And nope that isn’t that one. My favourite is Hamlet. He is wise and foolish. He is witty and prosaic. Quick of sword. And doomed. Swept along by forces he doesn’t quite understand and not certain he really should. But he does.
He is the foundational character map for so many other characters in books, theatre and film. And he has great monologues.
And yes he is a character from a play – and plays are scripts released in book format.

And yes comicbooks count as books too!

Shall we have a conversation?

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