Ramble: 30-Days of Books #27

I love books. I love words.

I am doing the 30-day book challenge to get some conversations started about books. Please do join in with a comment on your own books – or a link to your own post!

Day 27 and the next prompt is:

Name a book with the most surprising or effective plot twist

or “The well I didn’t see that coming!” moment.

There have been very few books that have surprised me by the ending or twist. Maybe it is because the book-blurbs and reviews make you expect a twist!

One book that I think did an effective job with a twist is Ender’s Game (by Orson Scott Card): Ender’s in Battle School training to fight the insects for most of the book. He gets promoted and advances to take on more complex simulations. And if you read the book you know the twist! So I won’t spoil it any further than to spoil the fact that there is a twist!

Shall we have a conversation?

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