Ramble: 30-Days of Books #30

The end.

I love books. I love words.

I am doing the 30-day book challenge to get some conversations started about books. Please do join in with a comment on your own books – or a link to your own post!

Day 30 and the next prompt is:

Thank you everyone for participating and leaving great answers to the prompts. I found some new books to read, and I think we all learned a little something about each other.

One last prompt;

Name a book you enjoyed with a colour word in the title

The detective story may have been invented by Edgar Allan Poe, but the most recognized English language detective stories must be those of Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson. The first novel to introduce these two characters is the 1887:

“A Study in Scarlet” – Arthur Conan Doyle


Shall we have a conversation?

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