Words: Pleurisy

needle point
fully inserted
under ribs
right shoulder

deep breath
threading between
searing pain

i cannot
tell a lie
this hurts
like hell

you took
the ibuprofen
when you left me
with this infection.

5 thoughts on “Words: Pleurisy

    • It is both – I am using my bout of pleurisy to inspire my writing and then adding a layer of fiction by relating it back to being left by lover. Who took the advil as they left…
      Oh the things we do for amusement!


    • Other than my pleurisy – which makes breathing so much fun! But each breath reminds me I am alive. SO there is that!
      Also it is getting better and ibuprofen does wonders now that I have some more. Fortunately it is a viral infection and not bacterial…
      and you?


      • Oh well, the state of our country makes me sad. The pandemic is…wearing everyone down. But overall, I am healthy and well. I hope you feel better!


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