Words: Feasting on Berries

this morning i ate
cherries from Chile
blueberries from –
i don’t know where…
sweet and tart on my tongue
like a memory of you

back then
we went fishing
down by the river
feeding each other
tea and mandarin oranges
dreaming we were poets

it rained while we jigged
seeking rainbow trout
for our evening meal
casting hopeful glances
beneath our umbrella

warm feel of you
leaning into to me
eyeing berries
perfectly ripened
wanting to be plucked

in our tent
breathless we lay
sleepy satiated
stomachs growling
no trout nor campfire
smouldering rainbow
lingering in the east

you laughed
suggesting we feast
on berries all night
and forever…

Where do dreams go
after the dreamer fades?

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