Ramble: 2021 Nears the End

Growing up on the farm.
Black and white TV telling me stories via rabbit ears.
I was certain that I could be the next Tarzan of the Jungle.
The snowy screen showing me dreams I’d never create on my own.

Eventually I realized my many gaps
How my grasp of Great Ape grammar was lacking
and my basic Chimpanzee was none existent.

Still I did try to master vine swinging;
and tree-top jumping
while summoning elephants to my aid.

The elephants never came.
The ground turned out to be quite unforgiving.
Still not all was lost!

My climbing became quite excellent!
I learned how to shimmy up drain pipes to rooftops;
Discovered how to corner climb walls.

Then I discovered freedom and the ability
to sneak out my second story window in the old farmhouse;
Catwalk in the darkness to sit 50 feet above that unforgiving ground;

Above the branches;
On the peak of the roof.
There I watched the stars circling;
Shooting stars dispensing wishes.
And saw how the planets kept track of cosmic time.

I decided I wanted to be reach beyond the broadcast jungle
and become the new Carl Sagan…

I never quite made it as Carl.

In the end my dream of Tarzan
took me above and beyond the treetops.

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