Blogs I Enjoy

An incomplete list because I sometimes forget to write here. This is organized in no particular order of enjoyment – simply my filtered list of random goodness from delightful bloggers: (the title says it all for me!) (the goddess of succinct clarity) (wisdom of a lifetime in wondrous prose) (turning wounds into lessons) (random goodness of many varieties) (not posting as much lately but very active on FaceBook!) (if I could be a poet I’d be susan – she makes words dance) (if I could be a poet I’d be suzy – she makes words sing) (slices of her life written with simple grace) (glimpses of the world from another view) (thoughtful poetry I do enjoy!) (verbal butt-kicking for the soul)

15 thoughts on “Blogs I Enjoy

  1. Revisiting your blog again and came across this. I was not expecting mine on here-a very pleasant surprise and I am very honoured – Thank you!


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