Poem: Proven

one plus one
makes more than was
merging into one
spawning ones

one alone
remains uneven
when rounded down
becomes zero
describing me.

Poem: Cypher

I hear you
yet I cannot fathom
what it is you mean
scrambled symbols
broken zeitgeist zodiac
racing across the moon

this one says
yes I do
that one says
I don’t

neither either
here nor there
dare to speak
the secrets
that they keep

I see you
and still it’s true
that no matter all the words you say
it simply is untrue

Poem: Myriads

one speck spiralling
buzzing near my head
damned annoying bug

I stretch, I swat, I flail
failing to connect
and then it escalates

two specks spiralling
hunting for bare skin
then there is a third

and then the swarm descends
making us all flee!