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Poem: Canker

this morning I reminisce
sweet succulent lips
dripping with honey

wait what is that tingling?

sore swollen lips
oozing with fluids
achingly smoldering

dammit all – it’s slowly erupting

still in all the memory remains
you were always well worth the pain.


Poem: Selfie

I see myself framed
against <#place location here>
back-lit by endless beauty

and then it clicks…

I am alone friendless
amongst <#cool crowd here>
black light glowing bright

and then it clicks…

I see the smiling faces
all around <#lost in solitude>
begging for some attention

and then it clicks…

Another upload pending
see the circle spin
re-tweet data trending
look at my life – I win!

and then it clicks…

no one’s really looking
no one really sees
none of this has meaning
no one really feels

and then it fails…

neither user nor current process
has android.permission.WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE


Poem: Drainage

rain weeps grey swirls on black pavement
running silver slick rainbow puddles into
concrete gutters carrying candy wrappers
to their collective demise in the sewers

i too was a sweet treat once on your lips
feeling your teeth firm on excited skin
your tongue taste tasting testosterone
surging wildly through my blood and sweat

unwrapped you savoured every iota of me
slowly dissolving this hard outer shell
flavours and sensations bursting through
until all i was was inside all of you

satiated you sighed letting me flutter away
released discarded i deluded denuded skin in rain
feeling how it washes me down away beneath below
into dark gathering clog of forgotten enjoyments.

Poem: Mangled

would you care for another
cup of something sweetly hot
leaving tea stains on the linens
etching magical motifs like so many
words carelessly strewn across a page
openly dripping unattended omens

strawberry jam gone wrong on toast
bisecting lost whole wheat crumbs
tangled amid astride askew detritus

what was; what is; what never shall be
interminably intermingled
within between me and you as we
hopefully strip away pronouns
from each memorable mimeograph
we’ve never even unveiled to ourselves

while the waters still boiling; still roiling
would you care for another?

Poem: Half

see here
this dark place
where I was whole
and then I split
torn asunder
here see
this emptiness
where there’s a hole
bigger than I
by half again
see there