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Poem: Voiceless

wanted to say
wanted to speak
thought of the ways

to make you hear
“me too!”

just turned askew
just carried on
just never saw

have no voice
have no means
remain unheard

there’s nothing here to see


Poem: Tin Can

where once it was full
where once it all gleamed
once; twice; down the road
it was crushed in passing
so very much like me.

Poem: Crinkled

straight edge bent backward
slipping fast forward
sirens slow screaming
slicing through silence
compelling our fear
to double us down
fetal position
fatal decision
final solution
forgive me my Mama
grant absolution

give me rope
give me pain
give me release
oh won’t you please
at your pleasure
allow me to be
purely white
purely naive
if that is your
then give it to me

why do they come
bearing black guns?
why do they take
the little I am
and lock it away?

give me hope
give me quiet
give me cocaine
give me my lines
so I’ll know what to say

why are these words
written on paper?
see how the flutter
when the wind blows away…

folded over
folded under
my thoughts are fleeing
and Descartes is no more.

Poem: Interlude

it rained
liquid sheets
pooling our clothes
at our feet

Ramble: Canadian Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving Canada!
It is autumn and we celebrate our time of Harvest blending old world pagan rites, middle-eastern abrahamic beliefs, with new world indigenous traditions. Creating something new, and still some how it is something so old that it has bonded with our global melded human DNA.

Here in what we call the Northern Hemisphere, winter is ahead, and we are thankful for the bounty of these lands, and celebrate the kindness of our neighbours. We will weather the storms that are ahead, finding time to play in the cold and the snow, finding time to sing and frolic in the darkening days ahead – until we see again the light returning. Feeling the warmth of the sun stirring our desires to plant the seeds we gathered this harvest. And begin again our place in the cycle of living.

We are each alone on this tiny little planet drifting in the cold darkness of infinite space. And we travel so much lighter when we travel together: sharing ourselves, sharing our stories, sharing our songs, and sharing our gratitude for what we have with those that will have us and hold us.

Remember we reap what we have sown, and here is hoping we take and share the best seeds so that together we can plant the best of tomorrows.

Happy Harvest Canada, and Happy Thanks Sharing!