List of Lost Wishes

As I was walking to the grocery store, the wind blew a bright pink slip of paper against my leg. The paper clung to me, begging me to pick it up and see the secrets it held. It was crumpled and damp from the snow. And not just pink – the edges were graced withContinue reading “List of Lost Wishes”

The Secrets to Perfect Pie!

The first secret is lard. Oh my goodness – am I allowed to say that word in public? Lard – there said it again. Oh it is tasty – this is why bacon is so good. 🙂 There is absolutely nothing better to make a pie crust. For those that just got all crinkly-faced atContinue reading “The Secrets to Perfect Pie!”

Money is Time and Debt is Slavery

I have been pondering time. I am celebrating a birthday in a few days and every tick of the calendar into yet another year marks the passing of more time. There is a saying that “time is money” meaning that to waste time is to waste money. It is a loss of productivity. I thinkContinue reading “Money is Time and Debt is Slavery”