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Ontario Childcare Changes: Wrecking Ball

Sharing a message about the proposed changes to how childcare will be delivered in the future. It isn’t pretty – the bottom line will be fewer spaces at higher rates.


Dear Parents,

I am writing to inform you of an important development at the Ministry of Education which could significantly affect Emmanuel at Brighton’s ability to offer affordable, quality child care. I urge you to read this message and consider expressing your concerns to the Ministry via the links provided below by April 1st.

What the Ministry has proposed

The Ministry’s goal is to create more childcare spaces for infants because full-day junior kindergarten now accommodates more 4 and 5 year-olds. They’ve proposed changing the age groupings and ratios for infants, toddlers and preschoolers in such a way that it will require significant physical upgrades to child care facilities and a potentially unsustainable increase to staffing. In the proposed plan:

  • Children age 2 will be classified as preschoolers and can be grouped with children as old as age 5
  • The staff to preschooler ratio will remain 1:8 with the maximum group size  at 24  This is very significant because these rooms would now include 2 yr olds who previously were in the toddler room with a  1:5 ratio with staff.
  • Toddlers will be classified as children age 1 to 2 years and will require a staff ratio of 1:4 rather than the current 1:5 and the maximum group size will decrease to 12 from 15

Currently, toddlers are classified as age 18-30 months and Preschoolers are 30 months to 6 years.

How it could affect Emmanuel at Brighton

Our greatest concern is that the proposed changes to the  staff/child ratio will result in the loss of 6 toddler spaces and a total revenue loss of $70,000. At present, there is no government funding proposed to help bridge this new expense. In this scenario, Emmanuel would have to substantially increase monthly fees in order to cover our costs.

Steps Emmanuel at Brighton has taken

To date, I have attended the region’s Supervisor’s Network discussion and contributed to the group’s response. Emmanuel staff have also discussed the possible impacts and a coordinated response will be submitted from our facility. Additionally, the board of directors has reviewed the potential impacts to Emmanuel at Brighton’s operations and supports our response.

We have expressed our concerns to our member of provincial parliament, Catherine Fife, and she would like to be included in our response as much as possible. The Association Early Childhood Education Ontario (AECEO ) and Ontario Coalition for Better Child Care (OCBCC), two organization who are strong advocates for excellence in early childhood education, are providing research and support materials that counter the Ministry’s proposed changes.

What you can do


For more information


Regulatory Registry Consultation Document Regarding the Child Care and Early Years Act, 2014 and the Education Act

Parents and Advocates balk at new daycare regulations
Toronto Star, March 7, 2016

Ontario considers reducing daycare ages and staff child ratio
Globe and Mail, March 7, 2016

Ontario squandering its chances to be leader on child care

Carolyn Ferns for, February 29, 2016

We believe that accessible and affordable child care is a priority for our community and that this proposed plan does more to compromise accessibility than to increase it. We welcome your comments and encourage you to submit your thoughts directly via the links provided above prior to April 1st.

Your support is  very much appreciated.


Poem: No Religion…


(Credit: Randomly found via Google – no name on post)

Can you imagine
a world united in disbelief?
a world where we love one another
instead of an invisible sky god?

Can you imagine
where we’d be if we took
the time to help each other up
instead of wasting time on our knees?

Can you imagine
the word living as one?
Unified without being crucified
dignified because we realized?

Can you imagine?
Come on let’s grow up –
let go of those fairy tales
and make the world a better place.

Will you imagine?
Prayer never changed anything
without real action and effort
moving muscle and dripping sweat.

and be the change.
and feel the change.
not what is – but what can be.
And the world will live as one.

Poem: And What of Paris?


(Credit: Randomly found via Google – no name on post)

Paris is burning
I can see the smoke
smell the reek of flesh
and charred remains

From far away
I watch
I weep
I pray

In the name of the father…
and of the sons
and of the daughters
– scarred by hate.

In the name of the light…
my faith is dying
– brilliance fading to black.

In the name of reason…
smoke smothers my soul.
– breaking down all logic.
In the name of the law…
mercy turns to suspicion.
– rules shattering like glass.

In the name of fraternity
love turns inward
– breaking all trust.

My spirit is broken
beyond all healing
beyond the keening of words
our voices have no meaning
we have become the croaking of crows
swarming in murder
blackening the skies

In the name of art…
beauty is vanquished
– canvas tattered in the wind.

In the name of speech…
how can one write
– these pages red with blood.

In the name of poetry
mocking all prophets
– poets weep ink.

In the name of enlightenment
We now ashamed to be human
– remember we are born of mud.

And to mud we return
dust and ashes
we are not gods
we are but flesh
born to die

If your god tells you to kill to prove your faith
then your god isn’t very good.

Photo: No Words for France


(Credit: Randomly found via Google – no name on post)

Je suis Charlie.
Je suis Charlie.