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Poem: Triplicated

triads of triangles entangled
inevitably devolve into something
unexpectedly anti-geometric
and transparently nonlinear –
at least in a cartesian sense.
I am unthinking and hence I am
regrettably non-existent in a
persona non grata sorta semi
cohesion kinda ignored kinda way.


Poem: Plain Crap

the essential reek that pervades,
the essence of your verbiage,
makes my own bowels roil,
in sympathetic disgusted dismay.

I cannot fathom or even trump
the raw depth of toxic sludge
that freshly tweets and squeaks
from your daily (anti)social ooze.

Poem: Idiotic

I don’t understand;
truth is I never really did;
because the words you throw,
are so much bigger than my head.

how about we make a deal
you speak to me in words we share
and then perhaps we’ll have a chance;
Or maybe not at all.

Poem: Epiphany

they came bearing gifts for a king,
three wisemen fashionably late,
fully accoutred and attired,
wearing silks and opulent jewelry,
to kneel in the muck of a stable,
simply because they read the star signs,
shining in glorious celebration!

Poem: January Fifth

On the twelfth day of Christmas My true love gave to me: Twelve Drummer Drumming… January 5th is the “Twelfth Day of Christmas.”

Source: Twelfth Day of Christmas

rat-a-tat tat
rat-a-tat tat
drum beating down the seconds of our lives
heart keeping time with the the breaths that we take
first song we danced inside our mother’s womb
that sweet sound that tells us that we’re living
and when it ceases you’ll know that’s the end
rat-a-tat tat
rat-a-tat tat

Author’s note: I challenged myself to write a poem a day from December 1st to the end of of the Christmas season. Today was the last! Thank you for all you kind comments