Words: Karst

crumbling face
crashing down

Words: Brick Walled

another round boys
be it whiskey or beer;
or that fine keg of sherry
in the tunnels below.

pour it out; fill it up
guzzle it down in a gulp.
no pain only sweet numbness
filling my aches and my head.

i’m old and i’m lonely;
wearing my cap and my bells.
everywhere that I stumble
dull ringing above in my ears.

this barrel still loves me;
brick me in with the wine.
i’ll tell no more secrets
i’ll hear no more lies.

concrete and mortar make
chill solid comfort
truth is this hollow shell
enfolds all that i am.

Words: Bundled

you promised me
things you never had:
this imagination
mixing that mythology…

invisible friends;
teleportation events.
i so wanted it all
to be my reality…

you took me to see
free lunar circuses;
next beneath the sea
to Nemo’s submarine…

octopus venues;
calamari cuisine;
you in a red dress
playing the queen…

you the complete
fantasy package;
and me the believer
who paid for it all.