Blogging is a lonely task

I am slow today. I have been trying to post early enough to pick up random traffic and see if strangers will linger over my thoughts. Today work intrudes and keeps me from thinking too deeply.

I guess blogging is much like gardening. A task that is done as much in solitude as it is done for public display. I drop my seeds of thought in this internet soil and hope that others will stop to admire what I have planted.

Here and there bright splashes of colour to entice honey-bees to cross-pollinate my blog with comments creating hybrid ideas beyond any I could germinate on my own.

All writing is done in solitude. Small bits of the writer smudged on paper, or pecked into a keyboard. Here I am – do you see?

A European honey bee (Apis mellifera) extracts...

A honey bee visits an Aster (Photo credit: Wikipedia)