Poem: Control

I’d rather be calm
as this glassy lake
than feel those stormy
winds writing my fate
hard on razor rocks
and eliminate
any delusion
that I might escape
what is preordained
because of the snake
promising knowledge
to substantiate
the reason to be…

ahh – I see my mistake.

Poem: Persist Dance

by daylight
we slow dance
embrace our folly

tumble onto
satin sheets
writhe our story

of moon dark
vain starlight
spawning glory

by daybreak
we stagger

back to the
of ‘if only…”

and begin
once again
to dance slowly.

Poem: Triplicated

triads of triangles entangled
inevitably devolve into something
unexpectedly anti-geometric
and transparently nonlinear –
at least in a cartesian sense.
I am unthinking and hence I am
regrettably non-existent in a
persona non grata sorta semi
cohesion kinda ignored kinda way.