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Poem: Burden

day in
day out
we accumulate
weighty regret
of angry words spoken
and kind words withheld
weighing down our souls
with the cumbersome straw weight
of a thousand delusions of “if only I…”

forgive yourself
to be better
to do better
and allow yourself to fly.

Poem: Drained

There are days like this poem
that go on and on endlessly
in ceaseless plodding living

off line
off air
off base

even the hill that is my bed
is much to hard to climb today
it is calling
come here: cocoon
beneath cool sheets
and ceiling fans

instead I lie
in lowly state
in living room

no hopes
no dreams
no love
no voice


Poem: Ring

this is the hope we’ve found
thin cold ribbon wrapped round
I to you am now bound
ringing sweet golden sound
as our love is full crowned
here on this holy ground…

sound of heart
sound of mind
sound of bells
ringing ringing
ringing loud

now let the world know
how in love we will grow
in toil and in truth
and devotion forsooth.

Poem: Repeat

if at first
and then again
why not do the do some more?
what’s the worry?
spend the time
cycle back
and down around
recycle failure
pound for pound
making better
what ain’t so good
you know you want to
you know you should

remember this:
there’s no point in failing
if all you’re going to do is quit!

Poem: Crunch

another mad dash
down to the wire
deadline time
come on
move it
step it up
white rabbit running
fast faster… dammit!

not enough

where is that blasted tortoise
when you really need him?


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