Poem: Degenerations

Nominally normal
generations of degenerates

and again
and again.

Wild seeds
dispersing freely
without preconception
Replacing the complacent
With the unconstrained

The river is never the same
and neither are we.

Poem: I Promise Nothing

I promised you nothing
and I promptly delivered
exquisitely forged
wrapped in leftovers
from the Emperor’s new robes

You remain unhappy
hungry with expectation
in the same way my cat
greets each morning
full of purring and rubbing
mewling to have
your emptiness filled

I promised you nothing
and you promptly begged
for just a little bit more
offering me nothing in return

The truth is
your honey nothing
is better than mine.


Poem: Crushed

broken before dawn
I scramble two eggs
softly to perfection

touch of sea-salt
pinch of black-pepper
buttered dark rye toast

chewing old memories
wondering why I sleep
alone in a king-size bed

green tea bitter burns
across my ancient tongue
soothing this heart ache.

Poem: Past Grace

Days ago I died –
not literally of course
otherwise these dazed words
would never dared
arisen at all.

yet here it is as still born truth

– then if pedantically you insist –
I expired inside my mind
– deep down inside –
my soul imploding black hole
quantum singularity replacing
what little did exist as
mindful reality

I remain entombed beneath
layers of pretense
shielding you from these facts

heed then this warning:

Do not scrape the patina
for it will only release
sulfuric gases of my decay

Save your self
for I am already gone.

Poem: February 28th

gift from my mother
gathers dust

birds singing
outside my window
spring sunlight

melting snow
uncovers treasure
left by dogs

broken rake
leans against my shed
autumn leaves

seasons change
faster than we can

It was a February challenge to myself – to write novel poetry: One-a-day. I missed a few. Here is one to end the month.