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Photo: National Best Friend Day

A day to break lonely hearts in two



Photo: Fullness of Spring

Early June arrives in splendor
fully dressed for whatever her pleasure
June reminds me of when I was in love

and June reminds me
that love no longer
find me attractive


I too am a flower
brilliant in my time
now long past my prime
I fade


and hope I have left
a memory in my passing.

Haiku: Show (HH Prompt)

Haiku 1:
show me yours and i’ll
show you mine she said grinning.
We’re still comparing.

Haiku 2
the secret she said
is to show and never tell.
She turned out the light

Haiku 3
The show must go on
spring summer winter or fall
to stop is to die.

Inspired by the theme word “SHOW” at
Haiku Horizons

Haiku: Try (HH Prompt)

Haiku 1:
like the Jedi said
there is no TRY or NOT only
do or do not

Haiku 2
inflamed by spring air
I circle closer to her.
She sashays away.

Haiku 3
try to run away
your winter whispers follow;
STOP possessing me!

Inspired by the theme word “TRY” at
Haiku Horizons

Haiku: Circle (HH Prompt)

Haiku 1:
once around the sun
we mark from darkness to light
find ourselves older

Haiku 2
geometry is
limited she said breaking
into my circle.

Inspired by the theme word “CIRCLE” at
Haiku Horizons