Ramble: I Miss You Mom

I haven’t posted for a while because my Mom was in and out of the hospital in the last month, and on January 16 she peacefully passed away. Free at last from the many years of struggle with her health.  It is strange how we create a routine out of the obligations of life. AContinue reading “Ramble: I Miss You Mom”

POEM: If I Could Dance…

I’m not a man of action I’ll never change the world I’m just the one that watches and sees the hidden truth I like the way you dance …the way you dance ……way you dance The rhythm of your body the timing of your mind the subtle hints of more hidden deep inside I wouldContinue reading “POEM: If I Could Dance…”

Ramble: Apple Turnover Battles

There is no way around this. I am large. Full on fat. And I mean that in the nicest way possible. I am corpulent. Disgusting. Rotund. Obese. Go ahead judge me. Place me on the scales of social comment and weigh me down with your words. I can take it – after all I amContinue reading “Ramble: Apple Turnover Battles”

Ramble: Baby Wisdom

Babies have it all figured out – at its most basic life is simply this: Eat; Rest; Excrete. Take in; Ponder; Release. Let in; Let be; Let go. It is just that simple. Of course the more we grow, the more able we become, the more we get distracted by the wonders of living andContinue reading “Ramble: Baby Wisdom”