More Fear of Apples: Malusdomesticaphobia

Every once in awhile I peruse my “Search Terms” list to see what people are actually randomly finding me. My number one search term is: Fear of Apples. When I wrote my post on the “A Fear of Apples” I had no idea that it was an internet fascination. If you search for “Fear ofContinue reading “More Fear of Apples: Malusdomesticaphobia”

A Fear of Apples

The internet is awesome for one thing: random browsing of random things. This concept of random browsing is why I love libraries and bookstores. You wander down a stack of organized knowledge and reach up to pull out someone else’s thoughts. Sometimes those thoughts are incredibly boring. Mostly those thoughts are incredibly stimulating and intriguing.Continue reading “A Fear of Apples”

Graceful Pirouette

Shoulders rigid in anger she burns me with her glare straightens her attitude gathers her skirt At the banister she stands retirĂ© devant catches my eye with her poise pirouettes to the landing descending the stairs gracefully she pauses tilts her head finally speaking her mind “Fuck off.” continuing her departure with pure elegance; leavingContinue reading “Graceful Pirouette”