Poem: 2017-11-05

It is National Novel Writing month – and well I don’t write Novels but I do try to write novel poetry. One a day for November!

We are the rebels who stand against false idols,
We are the guardians who know what is best for you!
You should not question the wisdom that we possess,
because in the end that simply proves you are evil!

We will not be subdued or forced to yield our morals.
What we believe is unquestionably the best,
for you and me and everyone that is still pure
and true and good at heart, and obeys our teachings!

It’s not for you to ask, when we will speak for you
to clarify the confusion residing inside you;
Do not fear, do not fight! We will make it all right!
How do we know that is this the best solution?

If you need to ask, then it is clearly the case,
you’re part of the problems that we need to erase!
Shush, shush, now stop this struggle and all this fuss,
we have the magic bullet that’ll be your final cure!