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Haiku: Squint

solar glare
reflecting off ice
dark shadows


Poem: Past Grace

Days ago I died –
not literally of course
otherwise these dazed words
would never dared
arisen at all.

yet here it is as still born truth

– then if pedantically you insist –
I expired inside my mind
– deep down inside –
my soul imploding black hole
quantum singularity replacing
what little did exist as
mindful reality

I remain entombed beneath
layers of pretense
shielding you from these facts

heed then this warning:

Do not scrape the patina
for it will only release
sulfuric gases of my decay

Save your self
for I am already gone.

Haiku: Hack

jumbled broken rocks
randomly piled into lines
divides me from you

Haiku: 43

bigger than bread box
weighing me down everyday
lard ass butter fat


Haiku: Slate

smooth grey stone
cold under my feet
pristine start