Haiku: Hot (HH Prompt)

sizzling summer sun kisses your skin conveying explicit intent   Inspired by the theme word “HOT” at Haiku Horizons Related articles New Bathing Suit, Eh? (poorlydressed.failblog.org) The 10 Commandments of Summer (thebackbedroom.wordpress.com) Sunburn and Your Skin (OUCH!) (healthyheels.wordpress.com) 5 Things You Should Know Before You Buy Sunscreen (bellasugar.com) Natural Fixes for Sunburn (foxnews.com)

Hand-crafted One-of-a-Kind Jewelry

A friend of mine has just launched a Tictail online store for her hand-made one-of-a-kind jewelry and I helping promote her efforts. Please go take a look – and pass on the link to anyone that you think might be interested in her creations! She writes: Okay, beautiful people of facebook. It’s that time ofContinue reading “Hand-crafted One-of-a-Kind Jewelry”

List of Lost Wishes

As I was walking to the grocery store, the wind blew a bright pink slip of paper against my leg. The paper clung to me, begging me to pick it up and see the secrets it held. It was crumpled and damp from the snow. And not just pink – the edges were graced withContinue reading “List of Lost Wishes”

Making Relish with Pizzazz!

September has arrived and with the waning of summer – harvest is upon us. In spite of the ridiculously hot dry weather we had across much of North America – there is still plenty of bounty to be picked and purchased at market stands across the country side. Cucumbers, beets, peppers, onions, and vegetables I hadContinue reading “Making Relish with Pizzazz!”

Conversation After Dinner

Dinner was simply lovely. Thank you for letting me into your kitchen Oh coffee yes that would be perfect And now I think, I know I should return the favour. Would you say object to letting me make you dessert? I think I need a slice of pie I’d need to raid your pantry IContinue reading “Conversation After Dinner”