Words: Chance

Fragile in your solitude
contentment contained
in your contemplation
by the window
I interrupted

unexpected strangers
we first met scrambling
eggs for breakfast
awkward intercourse
you in a borrowed shirt
uncertain of where
you precisely were
in this moment…

I made you orange juice
freshly squeezed
trying not to notice
the undone buttons
perked coffee in hand
as we talked about
the weather ahead
while your gentleman
slept unaware

Your shy smile making me wish
I had met you yesterday.

Words: Fuss

It really wasn’t that big of a deal but we can have a good time at the end of the day.
I don’t think you can do anything for me or you that would be of any consequence.
And then you turn off your phone at the end of the day so that you can get away.
It really didn’t matter.
It never works out.
Don’t worry about it.

Don’t even think any more.

Words: Aches

I am carbon suspended
in befouled dihydrogen monoxide
disintegrating back into star dust
with every breath I take.

my atoms vibrate tediously
counting down in real time
oscillating sequentially
to a secret frequency
within the quantum void
breaking sub-atomically
the bonds that keep me whole.

DNA unravelling telomeres
each passing replication
making me less than I was before
see me mutate sag, and break
seeping jaundiced plasma
dripping from my fetid pores.

This is inevitable destiny
by unintelligible design
the only complaint I dare to make
is why does this need to hurt
the way it does each day?