Poem: No Reason At All

There is no reason,
never ever was;
Nor any season
that might ever change
to make a difference.

Every days the same;
Slow as molasses,
dry stench of decay
trailing behind me…
while I fade away

There are no beaches.
Nor any bitches
in heat for some play,
down where I’m headed
to count down my days

I choose the blue pill
with no-one to share;
Men in rough white coats
lead us down the hall
laughing all the way

Nights in white satin
echoing outside.
I would ask you why,
if I didn’t know
you’re only a lie

Do you remember?
Do you even try?
Best not to go there
it only makes me cry;
And the women sigh

As they come and go…
That wasn’t it.
That wasn’t it at all.
There is no reason;
And so here I lay,
trousers undone.

Poem: Over Written

Too many words wasted;
when only one will do.
In these silent spaces
between each dusk and dawn.

Rising blues crescendo –
Oh wait! I know this song:
I don’t matter to anyone
and nobody matters to me!

Wide open bedroom window
lets in the pouring rain;
Cats in the kitchen yowling
the bowls are empty again

Why should I even bother
to get up and out of this bed?
I don’t matter to anyone
and nobody matters to me!

Purple phone keeps ringing
all over the sodden floors;
Seems no one dared answer it
before the floors got wet.

My pillows do feel poorly
and barely hold up my thoughts;
Why is there no body here
when the party is well begun?

See how I swing to the rhythmic
throbbing of words inside my head:
I don’t matter to anyone
and nobody matters to me!

Poem: Cypher

I hear you
yet I cannot fathom
what it is you mean
scrambled symbols
broken zeitgeist zodiac
racing across the moon

this one says
yes I do
that one says
I don’t

neither either
here nor there
dare to speak
the secrets
that they keep

I see you
and still it’s true
that no matter all the words you say
it simply is untrue