Poem: Degenerations

Nominally normal generations of degenerates germinating Again and again and again. Wild seeds dispersing freely without preconception Replacing the complacent With the unconstrained The river is never the same and neither are we.

Poem: I Promise Nothing

I promised you nothing and I promptly delivered exquisitely forged wrapped in leftovers from the Emperor’s new robes You remain unhappy hungry with expectation in the same way my cat greets each morning full of purring and rubbing mewling to have your emptiness filled I promised you nothing and you promptly begged for just aContinue reading “Poem: I Promise Nothing”

Poem: Indulgence

no amount of time can quell this raw ache burning between us sending us reeling no amount of words would ever explain the madness we feel when we are alone no amount of gold will equal our love we’ll never need more than this bare caress.

Poem: Where do the Words Hide

In celebration I thought I would write long lyrical poems each April morning Then nothing happened The blank screen mocking it’s cursor laughing at my dysfunction of failed lexicon There’s nothing inside Imagination is a dried desert drifting in the wind whispering of death Til nothing remains.

Poem: Control

I’d rather be calm as this glassy lake than feel those stormy winds writing my fate hard on razor rocks and eliminate any delusion that I might escape what is preordained because of the snake promising knowledge to substantiate the reason to be… ahh – I see my mistake.