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Haiku: Sol

empty eastern space
light bleeds soft morning rain
each dawn brings more darkness


Poem: Damaged

there is no place for them here
so they just keep moving on
one foot before the other
one step forward at a time
crawling when they have to
knowing this there’ll come a day
when they’ll need to stop running
too tired to fight anymore
wait for the hate that follows
just to look them in their eyes
stare down into their darkness
and finally ask them, “why?”

only then they’ll seem smaller
than the anger words they shout
only then will their damage
ever begin to heal.

Poem: Morning

I cannot be more than this
yet you dream that I can be
your every wish fulfillment
technocolour flickering
panoramic wide-screen shot
set the spotlight over there
keep me sweating in the glare
tie me to your wooden chair
forcing me to sing your praises
turning my love to hell on earth
spitting out your hallelujah

just fucking let me alone
to be what I am on my own
regular ordinary
simple mediocrity
drinking coffee bitter black
while the rain washes away
every footprint I have left
every vanishing inkstain
that ever marked my words

then you can smiling say
in chortled satisfaction
“look he was there;
and now he is gone…”
for good.

Poem: Indulgence

no amount of time
can quell this raw ache
burning between us
sending us reeling

no amount of words
would ever explain
the madness we feel
when we are alone

no amount of gold
will equal our love
we’ll never need more
than this bare caress.

Haiku: Soaked

stone hard granite peaks
between gentle curving hills
wet with warm spring rains