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Ramble: Realization

what is truth but the residue
you leave behind with your passing


Haiku: Venus

bright light of my night
show my heart where it may reach
sea shells on the beach

Poem: Control

I’d rather be calm
as this glassy lake
than feel those stormy
winds writing my fate
hard on razor rocks
and eliminate
any delusion
that I might escape
what is preordained
because of the snake
promising knowledge
to substantiate
the reason to be…

ahh – I see my mistake.

Poem: Valentine

you once were mine
as I was yours
and now all that
remains of us
is this old card
that says “forever”
and your old shirt
infused with our
sweet memories.

Haiku: Ice

cold pond crystal clear
cracks sharp beneath these skate blades
nothing will stop me