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Poem: Sliced

perfectly precisely thin line
etched deeply neatly into my skin
you surgically know how far to draw
your words creating filet d’homme.


Poem: Hoard

down here in the darkness
i keep my great treasures
hidden in mustiness
memories stored away
preserving fading youth
just for some other day

don’t look here
don’t you tell
this is mine
it is all
that I have

Poem: Impact

the writer of words
can never tell
the reader of words
what she must think;

the writer of words
can only explain
that imagined essence
of he himself
and not the ripples
he leaves
seeping behind
carelessly marking
his passing…

Poem: Crumbs

burnt toast
lingering in air
broken in the sink
spilled on the counter

this is my gift
to an empty home
left behind
in my passing

the ants
have removed the crumbs
the flies
are waiting their turn.

Poem: Sullen

dull gray moments
hang like whiskers
unkempt and tangled
on an old man’s chin



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