Heat Stroke

Damn it all. This is driving me mad. Like dogs and Englishmen under the broiling summer sun. I do not enjoy summer. Slow shimmering burn of your clingy moist heat. I do not enjoy simmering cremation. The rancid smell of my sweat oozing between bodily cracks and crevices. Clearly I am no Sam McGee forContinue reading “Heat Stroke”

My Song

This is my song It isn’t very long In fact, it’s kinda short Cause this is all I wrote. I could have made it longer But then it would be even wronger Cause then this damn song Would be way too long And now that I am done I must say it was rather funContinue reading “My Song”


no matter how stable no matter how calm somehow you manage to turn it all wrong one moment we’re laughing the next moment you’re gone leaving me to wonder where I really belong I don’t need the turmoil of a daily crisis du jour where the sad end result is this same tired song noContinue reading “Vortex”

Poem: Other Words from 1994

Random verses written while on a 30-day camping trip for two. I had dreams she didn’t share… Blurb 1: Candle light shadows Reflecting in your eyes I lean forward catching your eyes Reflecting in my eyes Reflecting in your eyes Reflecting infinitely Candle light shadows. Blurb 2 She slithered forward silver scales glistening brandished herContinue reading “Poem: Other Words from 1994”

Poem: More Words from 1994

Random verses written on a beach south of Tofino at the end of a 30-day camping trip: i watch you sit watching waves churning crashing spray cold on our skin we build castles from mud and sand towering edifices topped with seashells the tide creeps in toppling our work erasing eroding all traces of usContinue reading “Poem: More Words from 1994”