Feast of Leftovers: Thanksgiving Vegan Vegetable Soup!

The Feast of Leftovers is back! A few years back I wrote about making soup with my leftover Prime Rib dinner. and well I have never had so many Google hits on my site on one day. The search terms: Prime Rib leftovers While my annual Prime Rib problem has been solved, after any holidayContinue reading “Feast of Leftovers: Thanksgiving Vegan Vegetable Soup!”

Ramble: Canadian Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving Canada! It is autumn and we celebrate our time of Harvest blending old world pagan rites, middle-eastern abrahamic beliefs, with new world indigenous traditions. Creating something new, and still some how it is something so old that it has bonded with our global melded human DNA. Here in what we call the NorthernContinue reading “Ramble: Canadian Thanksgiving”