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Poem: Degenerations

Nominally normal
generations of degenerates

and again
and again.

Wild seeds
dispersing freely
without preconception
Replacing the complacent
With the unconstrained

The river is never the same
and neither are we.


Poem: I Promise Nothing

I promised you nothing
and I promptly delivered
exquisitely forged
wrapped in leftovers
from the Emperor’s new robes

You remain unhappy
hungry with expectation
in the same way my cat
greets each morning
full of purring and rubbing
mewling to have
your emptiness filled

I promised you nothing
and you promptly begged
for just a little bit more
offering me nothing in return

The truth is
your honey nothing
is better than mine.


Haiku: Pert

smooth path up small hills
revealing breathtaking views
tranquil afternoons

Haiku: Tulip

green leaves leading
up to bright flash of colour
winter is no more

Haiku: Fire

pine logs split
piled beside fire pit
blue curl of smoke